Testosterone On Its Own Merits

In controlled studies conducted by the University of Bonn and Wayne State University, women were shown to prefer the smell of a man with higher testosterone in their sweat and skin oils.  This is especially true for women who were at the peak of sexuality and fertility cycles.

Testosterone has also been proven to provide more “manly traits” that sexually active women tend to prefer.  Traits such as increased body hair, a deeper voice, higher muscle mass, and a “manly face” attract women who are actively looking for a mate.

And while testosterone itself might be the fabled Love Potion #9 for men all by itself, it also causes many positive psychological effects that can help to catch the kinds of women that most men only dream about.

The Psychological Aspects Of Higher Testosterone

Competing for the heart and attention of a lady is often a high-stress situation, but it has been shown that men with low levels of testosterone rarely stand a chance.  Men with higher levels, however, often have a certain “x-factor” that helps them to simply click better with the ladies.

This x-factor is thought to consist of:

  • Confidence – Men with higher testosterone were often shown to have higher confidence in social situations. Obviously, there’s no approaching a woman without the confidence to make the approach to begin with.
  • Assertiveness – Though higher testosterone can heighten aggression in men, a decidedly unattractive trait for women, it also increases assertiveness, which is a definite deal-closer for many women.
  • Conversation Control – Many women tend to enjoy holding a conversation with a man who can seamlessly guide the conversation along without prompting.  Men with the confidence and assertiveness provided by higher testosterone were shown to not only do this well, but naturally.
  • Optimism – A man who believes that he will get the girl most likely will.  There’s no substitution for positive thinking, which confidence from testosterone can provide.

With all of this in mind, increasing testosterone naturally can be a difficult and highly time-consuming endeavor of special diets, exercise programs, and vitamin supplements.  Luckily for men without the time to dedicate to these methods, many new and safe testosterone supplements are available to help reach and maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Testosterone Therapy For Increased Sexual Attractiveness

While testosterone therapy is generally thought to be only for men with excessive deficiencies, the truth is that treatments are available for those whose testosterone levels are just considered to be exceptionally low.

The best news is, new treatments are entirely pain free.  In many cases it is as pain free as putting on underarm deodorant, literally.  Creams, salves, and gels are available as effective treatments alongside other methods, such as injections and sub-dermal implants.

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