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Foods That Suppress Appetites

Sweet Tooth Have You Starving?

Most people blame their bad snacking habits on “having a sweet tooth.” When in fact there are much better alternatives to high calorie snacks to get you through your day feeling fuller. Here are some great examples of sweet snacks that suppress your appetite:

• Dark Chocolate-the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate is a natural appetite suppressant
• Apples-Chalk full of fiber, this sweet treat is super easy to carry in your lunch sack
• Oatmeal- The natural fiber in oatmeal makes you feel full
• Chew Sugar-free gum- the act of chewing itself fools the body into thinking it has eaten
• Coffee-a natural appetite suppressant due to antioxidants

Craving A Salty Snack

Trick that tummy into feeling full by eating nuts, salads, avocado, celery, or other fiber rich foods. Fiber is bulk and bulk equals appetite suppression. Water is also a great way to suppress hunger. Drink plenty of it with or without meals to help keep hunger pangs away.
Spice Up Your Life & Curb that Hunger
Studies have shown that certain spices actually trick your mind into thinking it is full. These natural appetite suppressants are an easy way to curb hunger. These spices include cayenne pepper, ginger and cinnamon. Add one of these spices to your breakfast lunch or dinner, and you will be feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

Make It Easier With FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant

Appetite suppressant medications are a great way to keep the hunger at bay to help you slim down. Although you should still maintain a healthy diet and workout plan, medical appetite suppressants can help you stick to your diet plan while not feeling miserable. Make sure that if you do decide to take medical appetite suppressant that you consult your doctor or see a specialist so as to ensure you receive the correct treatment.

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