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Natural levels of testosterone¬†can vary a great deal from male to male. A study of thousands of American soldiers found that even a normal range varied by a factor of five! More importantly, those with higher than average levels of testosterone had lower blood pressure, lower levels of fat, and a smaller chance of heart disease. As you might expect, they also tended to self-rate their health as being better than those with less testosterone. This means that even a male with testosterone levels within the lower end of the “normal” range can benefit greatly from higher levels of testosterone.[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Winning athlete man celebrating[/custom_frame_left]

Health Benefits Of Good Testosterone Levels

A lower level of testosterone can correlate with lower sex drive, fatigue and depression not to mention decreased muscle mass, bone strength, and density. Conversely, a higher level of testosterone can help you increase muscle mass, bone strength and density.

Injectable, Pellets and Creams?

There are several safe and effective methods for increasing your testosterone levels. Ask our doctor which is right for you. Read More ¬Ľ

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