How Can I Get My Wife to Love Me?

That’s a common question and many men experience points in their marriage when their spouse seems to be distant or losing interest in the relationship.  It is a frequent occurrence that happens for many different reasons. You may be asking yourself what you’ve done wrong, what’s wrong with her, or why she doesn’t love you like she used to.  The fact of the matter is, if she’s still with you, she still loves you.  With a few small gestures, you can show her that you still love her and reminder why she’s still with you.

How the Spark Fades Out of Marriage

General demands from your family, social life, and the workplace can take precious quality time away from you and your wife. It is important to remember that even if you’ve been married for decades, a marriage takes constant compromise and maintenance. A common problem with marriage is the complacency that can develop between the husband and wife.  It is easy to take the people you spend the most time with for granted, especially your wife.  Remember that the love between a husband and wife makes you more than roommates in life; you’re extensions of each other.

Showing Your Wife How You Feel

The most beautiful words are hollow if you can’t show her how you feel.  Sometimes, all of the corny things a man does to show his wife he cares are just right.  Go back to the classics, those things you did when you were first dating, like:

  • Bring her flowers for no reason.
  • Call her from work to tell her how much you love her.
  • Going out of your way to help make her day-to-day a little easier.

Never underestimate the importance of telling her how much you love and appreciate her, but remember that it is your actions that matter most.

Spending Time with Your Wife

Life today can be a busy, demanding ordeal that leaves little time to personal pursuits and it’s okay to have limited time.  You and your wife both understand that it isn’t possible to spend every waking moment together, which can in fact be more detrimental than constructive.  Pursue quality time over a quantity of time.

Activities To Get Your Wife To Love You Again

Take time out of your scheduled activities that will help you reconnect with your wife, such as:

  • Going out to a romantic dinner.
  • Going to see a movie (A dinner theater is especially nice if available).
  • Taking a walk in the park or just around the block.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions.  You know what your wife enjoys doing and what you like to do together.  If that means watching television together after the kids go to bed, that’s fine.  It isn’t about which activity, it’s about enjoying each other’s company.

Get Back The Youthfulness That Your Wife Loved

If you’ve been married for many years, you must also remember that the man she fell in love with in the first place might have been stronger, more vital and more passionate.  Take a good look back in time and honestly ask yourself if you now lack some of the qualities that might have enticed her on a more primal level.  If so, you may want to consider testosterone therapy to increase energy, strength and sex drive.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a safe and comfortable experience. You could soon be feeling more romantic and looking better than you have in years.