Scottsdale Health’s Medical Weight Loss Team Is Here!

The journey of weight loss is not one that needs to be made alone. Our medical staff can help you along on your journey. We offer many solutions to help you lose weight. We are Scottsdale’s premier medical clinic for appetite suppressants, hormone therapy, Dr. Simeons Injection program, slimming shots, and 7-Keto DHEA.

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Appetite Suppressants Can Help You Eat Better And Eat less!

Appetite suppressants can be used to curb your appetite allowing you to eat less and lose weight more easily. Such a weight loss solution is best when done under the care of knowledgeable and experienced medical personnel such as the staff at our Scottsdale clinic. Read More »

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Hormone Therapy Has Many Benefits: Ask Scottsdale, AZ!

Hormone therapy can be used for more than just weight loss alone. It can also help you increase your energy level, gain lean muscle mass, and reduce your body fat percentages. With benefits like these it is no surprise that hormone therapy is on the cutting edge of medical treatment for weight loss. Read More »

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The Dr. Simeons Program: The Right Weight Loss Solution For You!

Healthy but dramatic results are possible using low dosages of the naturally occurring hormone. Together with a special diet it can help you meet your weight loss goals. Scheduling a consultation with the medical personnel at our Scottsdale clinic can help you determine whether the injection program is a suitable medical weight loss solution for you. Read More »

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Slimming Shots Trick Your Body Into Thinking It’s Already Full!

Slimming shots help you curb your appetite by triggering a natural feedback mechanism that makes the body think it is already full. It contains no stimulants so you won’t feel jittery. As with any appetite suppressant the best results are yielded when you combine slimming shots with a healthy diet and exercise. Read More »

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7-Keto DHEA Promotes Weight Loss By Increasing Your Metabolism!

Blame your slow metabolism no longer! 7-KETO DHEA is a natural chemical produced by your liver that can help you increase your metabolism aiding not only in weight loss but also in gaining lean muscle mass, boosting your immune systems, and reducing signs of aging. Read More »