North Scottsdale’s Most Slimming Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is becoming less of a novelty in North Scottsdale as more and more people are coming to Scottsdale Health Center to take advantage of the hCG weight loss program. If you want to look better when you’re out by the pool or your spouse has been urging you to lose weight then the hCG program is your best option. Since most patients of the hCG program lose an average of 1 pound per day it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to slim down your body.

What To Expect With The hCG Weight Loss Program

Before starting the hCG program we’ll give you a health assessment and blood test, after which the program is extremely simple. With daily hCG injections and a low calorie diet it’s one of the easiest weight loss programs.

hCG Is Both Safe & Healthy With Amazing Benefits

hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a naturally occurring hormone and in small, safe doses can be used to encourage your body to burn fat and sustain a healthy metabolism allowing you to lose weight quickly while staying health.

If you’re ready to get started just give us a call at (480) 273-2006.