Slimming Shots; Drink Your Way to Your Goals!

Think shots of coffee, not shots with a syringe. This helpful medical weight loss solution is simple, easy, and painless. Slimming shots allow you to trick your body into thinking it has already eaten thereby reducing your appetite.

Specifically, slimming shots work by triggering your body’s natural appetite control mechanism called the illeal break. This means that when you do eat the healthy smaller portions of food you should be eating, you won’t feel hungry soon after.

Slimming shots contain no sugar, instead favoring artificial sweetener and vanilla flavoring. They also contain no caffeine or other stimulants which means you won’t be left feeling jittery like some other products on the market. Slimming shots take between two to three hours to start working for the average person.

Slimming shots are a great weight loss solution for those who live in or around Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Clinical Studies Have Shown That Slimming Shots Work!

The makers of slimming shots have sponsored several studies by independent academic researchers testing the effectiveness of the active ingredient in their product.One double blind study showed that those who had yogurt with the key ingredient in slimming shots were better able to maintain weight loss compared to those who consumed a placebo yogurt.

Several other studies demonstrated that the active ingredient in slimming shots worked up to 8 hours, reduced fat intake, and worked equally well for non-overweight, overweight, and obese subjects. All of these studies were published in peer reviewed journals!

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As with all medical weight loss products, a healthy diet and following a planned exercise regiment is necessary to get the best results. Our clinic is the finest of its kind in Arizona. We can help customize a program for you to follow to ensure excellent weight loss results.
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