Prolotherapy Success Rate At A Glance

Most therapists report a prolotherapy success rate of 80% to 85%.  Treatments for some conditions, such as chronic neck and lower back pain, have an even higher success rate of around 90%.  However, these numbers can vary greatly between patients for several reasons, with the most successful prolotherapy clients being people who:

•    Are Non-Smokers
•    Live An Active, Healthy Lifestyle
•    Have Few Or No Allergies
•    Have No Preexisting Medical Conditions Of Concern
•    Are In Generally Good Health

Studies are still being conducted on prolotherapy success rates, and there is currently little data available, but preliminary studies are very promising.  As technology and techniques continue to advance over the coming years the prolotherapy success rate is certain to skyrocket as well.


Defining Success With Prolotherapy Treatments

It is important to note that prolotherapy success does not often take place instantly.  The course of treatment can take several months, and some may require a second course of prolotherapy to reap full success of prolotherapy.

In the case of prolotherapy, success is measured by at least a 50% decrease in pain.  While there are many prolotherapy clients that might have to settle with half-as-much pain, many more report a great reduction in pain in the range of 70% to 90%.  There have even been some cases where patients report a complete relief from tendon and ligament pain.

Increasing Prolotherapy Success Rate With Experienced Therapists

There is nothing more detrimental to prolotherapy success rate than an inexperienced (or worse, uncaring) therapist.  For that reason, it is normally suggested that potential prolotherapy clients locate a therapist who is both qualified to perform prolotherapy and passionate about helping their clients attain the highest levels of healing and comfort.

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