Prolo Therapy

Prolo Therapy stimulates the body’s own innate biological response system. Similar to how a flu shot causes antibodies to be produced, Prolo Therapy triggers new tissue and cells to grow where the body needs it most, places where connective tissue has been damaged over years of use. If you have stiff joints or pain in your knee, hip or joints, Prolo Therapy may be right for you! Read More »

Acupuncture (Pain Free)

Acupuncture has evolved and been refined over thousands of years, and modern science validates what people from the East have known all along, acupuncture works. Effective for pain management, nausea, increased circulation, and more! And at Scottsdale Restorative Health you’ll be serviced by the professional, highly trained staff you deserve. Read More »

Cupping Therapy

Based on ancient practices and seeing a revival in modern Western medicine, Cupping Therapy can be a great treatment for back, neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal conditions. Trust the true professionals at Scottsdale Medicine to perform Cupping Therapy for you. Read More »