The Possible Side Effects of Hormone Replacement

As with any medication, even those that are safe, there is a possibility of side effects.  Thankfully the side effects of hormone replacement therapy are mild and greatly outweigh the benefits.  

Side Effects Associated With Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most side effects of hormone replacement therapy are associated with the use of synthetic therapy rather than the safer use of biodentical therapy. With synthetic hormone replacement therapy you can run the risk of some of the following side effects.

  • Slightly Increased Chance of Stroke
  • Slightly Increased Chance of Heart Attack
  • Nausea (associated primarily with oral estrogens)
  • Moodiness

Where as the side effects of biodentical hormone replacement therapy are much milder, including:

  • Temporary Increase in Aggressiveness
  • Possible Itching At Injection or Insertion Area
  • Acne
  • Occasional Irritability

These side effects generally only last for a short time until your body’s hormone levels have become balanced.

Benefits vs Risks of Hormone Replacement

Many people who have taken hormone replacement therapy in the past have found the benefits of the treatment outweigh the risk. The symptoms of hormone deficiency can often have a severe impact on one’s quality of life, their ability to work, and their personal relationships. The risks of adverse side effects are extremely rare and very mild and therefore hormone replacement therapy is a low risk, high reward treatment solution.

Biodentical Therapy vs Synthetic Therapy

Biodentical hormone replacement therapy is a process that uses medications that are chemically identical to the hormones that your body produces naturally. Unlike synthetic hormone therapy, biodentical treatments are derived from floral sources.  This makes for a program that is more natural and has been shown to have milder and fewer side effects.

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