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Perhaps the most well known use of vitamin B12 is its use by athletes to improve their sports performance. Vitamin B12 is understood to help prevent fatigue, and in doing so, help the athlete maintain energy levels and improve endurance so they can compete at the highest levels during sporting events. Even if you aren’t an amateur or professional athlete you can still benefit from the improved energy levels and endurance that B12 shots or intravenous (IV) solutions can provide you.

B12’s benefits extend beyond improving energy endurance. B12 also plays a role in helping the nervous system function properly, as well as red blood cell maintenance, repair, and formation. B12 shots can be of particular help to those following vegan or vegetarian diets to prevent anemia.

Our Scottsdale, AZ clinic provides B12 Vitamin shots.

B6: It’s Better to Ask What It Doesn’t Do!

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Runner with Vitamin Therapy[/custom_frame_left]B6 is so vitally important to the functions of the human body that, as suggested above, it might even make more sense to describe what it doesn’t do. For example, vitamin B6 is necessary for the functioning of more than 60 enzymes in the human body. In vitamin B6’s active form, Pyridoxal-phosphate, Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the synthesis of vital neurotransmitters, improves the oxygen binding properties of hemoglobin, and even influences gene expression!

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Vitamins such as B6 and B12 are so important to the proper functioning of the human body that you should consider visiting our clinic to enjoy the health benefits of B6/B12 vitamin shots or intravenous therapy. Our clinic has a friendly and professional staff ready to serve you at your convenience. Make an appointment today!

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