Why Glutathione Is “The Super Hero” of Antioxidants!

Glutathione is called the super hero of antioxidants because it is well known for being the most powerful of antioxidants. While you have probably heard people touting the importance of antioxidants in promoting health, you may not understand what oxidization, the process antioxidants fight, does to the human body. The simplest and closest analogy to what happens in the human body can be found by explaining what the process of oxidization does to iron. Oxidization of iron is the process which creates rust on items made of iron such as nuts, bolts, and pipes. Imagine a similar process happening to your own cells and I think you can begin to understand why oxidization in the human body is a process that one should actively fight.

Glutathione is a super hero you want on your team. Call our Scottsdale clinic today to get glutathione therapy!

Why Glutathione Is Called “the Master Detoxifier”?

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Female increasing her Glutathione while doing yoga[/custom_frame_left]Glutathione is lauded for its uses in anti-aging medicine both for its usefulness as an antioxidant and for its ability to aid in the process of detoxification. The tripeptide gluthathione is particularly effective for removing excess and unnecessary heavy metals from the body such as mercury.

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Glutathione is difficult to supplement through capsules. We highly recommend intravenous treatment to increase your levels of glutathione quickly, easily, and safely. Our highly trained and professional staff can have you on the path to better health in as short a time as just one visit.

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