What Are The Benefits of Vitamin D?

What Are The Benefits of Vitamin D

Wondering what the health benefits of Vitamin D are or what causes vitamin D deficiency? Vitamin D is actually a steroid vitamin. It is responsible for a range of healthy attributes to our bodies.

Vitamin D & Weight Loss Success

Research has shown that certain levels of vitamin D can actually help determine or predict the chance of your weight loss success when following a low calorie diet program, such as a the HCG weight loss program offered at the Scottsdale Health Center.

What Else is It Good For?

Vitamin D is known to be beneficial or crucial for the absorption of calcium & phosphorus, which helps develop and maintain healthy bones.  Studies have also shown that people with better Vitamin D levels have better mental function in their older years along with a healthier body weight.

The list goes on and on. Vitamin D can be obtained through sunlight, fruits & vegetables, and pills or injections from a Health Clinic or Physician.

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