Is The hCG Diet Just Another Fad?

Every few years there’s a new a diet, and every few years the new diet explains why the previous diet fad didn’t work. By arming yourself with information, however, you can find out which diets are safe and effective. The hCG diet may seem like a fad diet, but when followed step by step and supervised by medical professionals, it is one of the most effective weight-loss methods available.

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]hcg weight loss couple[/custom_frame_left] What is hCG?

hCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced in a woman’s body when an egg is fertilized after conception. During pregnancy it is produced by the placenta to sustain the growth of the fetus and is used in fertility treatments as an ovulation inducer. In males it also encourages cells to synthesize testosterone.

British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons published a book in 1954 called “Pounds and Inches” and scientific papers showing that a restrictive calorie diet and daily injections of hCG could dramatically reduce weight by selectively burning fat instead of muscle. Although controversial at the time, his research has been supported by recent studies, as well as by thousands of patients who have lost weight and kept it off.

What is the hCG diet?

The modern hCG diet calls for a very restrictive diet; around 500 – 800 calories a day, with moderate exercise and daily injections of hCG, under the supervision of a physician. The dose of hCG is tailored to your body and weight loss goals.

How does hCG make you lose weight?

A diet with so few calories would normally cause your metabolism to slow down, and very few people would be able to withstand the hunger pains when constantly surrounded by food. Pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness have very high levels of hCG; in lower doses hCG helps by being an appetite suppressant, as well as by keeping your metabolism working at a normal or even accelerated rate so the weight stays off. In men hCG also helps by promoting the production of Testosterone.

The net result is that some patients can lose up to 1 lb a day, most of which is fat.

Want to try it or have additional questions? Check out the Scottsdale Health Center for more information on hCG.