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Benefits Of Prolotherapy Injections For Chronic Pain Sufferers

Primary Benefits Of Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is an emerging powerhouse restorative method in the treatment of common and painful elements that are the result of connective tissue damage.  It is quickly becoming preferred over traditional treatments, such as surgery, when possible. Though the benefits of prolotherapy are mostly

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Does Prolotherapy Work | Effective Pain Relief Without Surgery

Does Prolotherapy Work? Prolotherapy is an advanced therapeutic technique which stimulates the growth and regeneration of connective tissues, such as tendons and ligaments.  Prolotherapy has become the major competitor of surgery for connective tissue pain because, quite simply, it works. Prolotherapy offers an outpatient procedure with little

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How Will I Feel After Prolotherapy | What You Should Expect

How Will I Feel Immediately After Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is not an instant fix for people suffering from chronic or acute pain related to tendon and ligament injuries and degradation.  However, it is a great alternative for those seeking relief without the pain, downtime, and expense of surgical

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Prolotherapy Cost | An Affordable Option For Chronic Pain

Prolotherapy Cost On Average Per Condition The cost of prolotherapy relies heavily on the condition that is being employed to treat.  Though prices can still vary between clinics, the following is a good average of prices, and should give you some idea of the total cost: •  

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Prolotherapy Injections | What They Are & How They Work

  Prolotherapy Injections & Solutions Prolotherapy injections contain a solution that is meant to irritate connective tissues (such as tendons or ligaments) in an effort to stimulate the human body’s own healing ability.  The ultimate goal of prolotherapy injections is to repair and strengthen damaged or weak

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Prolotherapy Success Rate On Average For Most Recipients

Prolotherapy Success Rate At A Glance Most therapists report a prolotherapy success rate of 80% to 85%.  Treatments for some conditions, such as chronic neck and lower back pain, have an even higher success rate of around 90%.  However, these numbers can vary greatly between patients for

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What Is Prolotherapy | Proliferation Therapy & Treatments

  What Is Prolotherapy & How Does It Work? Over the years the connective tissues in our bodies, such as tendons and ligaments, begin to weaken and break down.  Prolotherapy has been developed as a system that helps to trigger the body’s natural healing ability to build

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Prolotherapy Side Effects & Adverse Medication Reactions

  Reported Prolotherapy Side Effects As with any form of injection therapy and medications mild pain and irritation is a possibility.  Recipients of prolotherapy generally report such side effects within the first 72-hours following the ejection if it occurs at all.  Tenderness associated with prolotherapy is easily

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Is Prolotherapy Safe | Identifying Risks & Side Effects

  Prolotherapy Is Safe For Most People Prolotherapy is a method in which connective tissue, such as ligaments and tendons, is stimulated to trigger the body’s natural process of healing and strengthening.  As it is an injection technique, mild discomfort and slight bleeding is normally the only

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How Many Prolotherapy Treatments Will I Need To See Improvement

How Many Prolotherapy Injections Prolotherapy is not an immediate fix for people suffering from tendon or ligament pain.  Prolotherapy is meant as a treatment that stimulates the body’s own ability to heal and repair damaged connective tissues.  This natural healing takes a little bit of time, and

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