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Monthly archive for May 2013

Types of Chiropractic Treatment

A Chiropractor is More Than a Back Massage More than 22 million people in the United States visit a chiropractor each year. The majority of these visits are for spinal alignments. A spinal realignment is a readjustment of the spine meant to relieve the patient of acute

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What Do Chiropractors Treat

What Do Chiropractors Do? Chiropractors perform a variety of manipulative techniques on the spine and other areas of the human body. These techniques are safe and mainly risk free as long as the chiropractor knows what they are doing. Because of the safe and simple treatments, chiropractic

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What Chiropractors Do

Many People Enjoy The Benefits of Chiropractic Care Chiropractic care has quickly become the number one alternative pain relief method in America. That is because of the chiropractor’s ability to discover what is causing your pain and knowledge of treatments for it. What a chiropractor does is

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How To Suppress Your Appetite

How Many Diets Have You Tried? Have you tried diet after diet with little to no result? Or have you achieved results, but are tired of feeling like you’re starving? If either of these sounds like you, then you need to learn how to suppress your appetite.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain? If you are suffering on a daily basis from chronic pain, then chiropractic care might have the right benefits for you. Somewhere around 22 million Americans visit chiropractors every year, of which 35% of visits are for people suffering from Chronic

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What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment

Millions of People Approve Each year over 22 million people visit chiropractors for adjustments. This makes Chiropractic adjustments the number one alternative method of pain treatment in America. Adjustments are used to treat pain in multiple areas of the body. They have been proven to relieve lower

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Effectiveness of Acupuncture

The Effectiveness of Acupuncture Traditionally, acupuncture has long been thought of as a mystical alternative medicine. The ancient practices associate with balancing the vital energies of the body that are commonplace in traditional Chinese medicine is a hard concept to sell to some skeptics. Still, you can’t

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Acupuncture & Back Pain

Can Acupuncture Help Back & Lower Back Pain? Chronic back pain is a major problem in America.  As many as 80% of adults in the United States suffer from back pain and lower back pain, and it is one of the most common reason for doctor visits,

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Acupuncture For Anxiety

Treatment Options for General Anxiety If you have been suffering from anxiety or any disorder associated with anxiety, you are far from alone. Anxiety is the most common mental ailment in America, effecting more than 18% of adults – roughly 40 million. As such, many treatments are

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Side Effects of Acupuncture

Side Effects Associated with Acupuncture Acupuncture has a number of side effects, but luckily most of them are positive.  People who have undergone acupuncture therapy often report sleeping better, improved allergies, decreased depression, and decreased stress, just to name a few.  The fact that acupuncture has grown

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