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Monthly archive for June 2013

Is the HCG program expensive

HCG Diet Programs – Value VS. Expense On average, the HCG diet program costs as much as $175 per week for in-clinic injections.  That may not sound too bad, but considering that the average HCG program lasts 21-42 days, the cost is actually about $500-$1000 – and

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How many sessions do I need for acupuncture

The General Effectiveness Of Acupuncture Acupuncture has grown to such popularity in recent years because of the fact that it is highly effective in most cases.  However, there are many symptoms and conditions that may take more than a single session for acupuncture to offer a noticeable

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How long do you stay on the HCG diet

Revolutionary Weight-Loss With HCG Diet Programs The HCG diet is growing in popularity with men and women of all ages and walks of life.  Those who have successfully completed the advanced weight-loss program will tell you that the weight simply slides right off in a very short

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Do you need blood work to do the HCG diet

Blood Work For The HCG Diet The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet, or HCG diet is becoming very popular as a safe and effective complementary diet plan.  Small amounts of the HCG hormone are injected to help support fast, healthy weight-loss when accompanied by a low-calorie diet plan. 

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Will You Gain Weight After hCG

The HCG Diets Helps Keep The Weight Off Science has proven that diets, especially diets that help take weight off quickly, always leaves a dieter with the potential to gain back the weight they’ve lost.  The fact of the matter is, the thing that ensures you maintain

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What is Cupping

Ancient Art Modern Results The people of ancient China were vastly ahead of their time in the art of healing.  Several ancient Chinese healing methods are still used and recognized by physicians today as effective treatment methods for many ailments. For those seeking relief from illness or

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Healthy Vitamin Shots

Healthy Vitamin Shots Vitamins are necessary for our body to heal and function properly from day to day. Taking vitamins in supplement and pill form is an okay way to improve your overall well-being, but there are even more effective ways to take vitamins than that. Vitamin

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Massage and Lymphatic Drainage

Relaxation With Benefits Getting a massage is one of the most relaxing things a person can do for themselves. To feel the stress of everyday life worked out of your muscles inch by inch. To feel the calming sensation throughout your body is a wonderfully stress relieving

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How Cupping Therapy Works

Healing From Ancient Times Cupping is one of the oldest medical techniques on the planet. Archeologists have found evidence that cupping was used to treat patients as long as 5,000 years ago. Even after 5 millennia, cupping is still used by medical experts to treat a large

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What Are Crow’s Feet

A Collage of Memories Over the years your face has experienced a thousand laughs, a thousand smiles, and a thousand tears. Good or bad these memories have stuck with you throughout the years. As you’ve aged all the facial expressions you made throughout the years have left

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