Why Testosterone Therapy Is Sometimes Necessary

Low testosterone can cause a variety of general health issues in woman as well as men.  These can include a decreased sex drive, depression, fatigue, and decreased muscle or bone mass.  A healthy testosterone level can also help to reduce body fat, blood pressure, and even the risk of heart disease.

Though testosterone therapy is widely available in an injectable form, which is usually believed to be the most effective method of testosterone therapy, alternatives exist to cater to the many that are uncomfortable with a needle.

Alternative Testosterone Replacement Methods

For those looking to avoid medical needles whenever possible, the following methods are available as alternatives to testosterone injections:

  • Topical Gels & Creams – Modern medical science has made testosterone therapy as simple as rubbing a cream or gel onto the skin.
  • Testosterone Stick – A simple method of applying testosterone medication is a deodorant-like stick.
  • Sub-Dermal Pellets – For long-lasting testosterone therapy, a tiny pellet no larger than a grain of rice can be implanted through a tiny incision in the hip.
  • Adhesive Patches – Similar to some smoker cessation programs, time-released adhesive patches can be applied to the skin for testosterone therapy.
  • Oral Medication – Testosterone therapy is also available in simple pill-form.

The market for testosterone replacement methods is ever-changing, and other alternatives, such as materials applied to the teeth or gums, may also be available now or in the near future.

Alternatives To Testosterone Injections InArizona

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