The Pinch Of Testosterone Injections

As with any kind of medical injection, some degree of pain can be expected with testosterone injections.  There are many factors that can lend to the amount of discomfort that a patient experiences with injectable testosterone therapy.  In most cases, testosterone injections are only as uncomfortable as any other kind of shot you might receive from a clinic.

There is a common myth that pain from testosterone injections is a result of the medication itself.  As testosterone medication requires an oil-based suspension, this can be true.  However, most oil bases are formulated to be minimally painful, and most often have no impact on the overall experience.

If your hormone therapist is skilled and professional, testosterone injections usually only consist of a small, momentary pinch that will subside quickly once the needle has been removed.  However, there are a few steps that you can take to ease the sting and soreness.

Minimizing The Pain Of Testosterone Injections

Keeping these things in mind, and discussing them with your doctor or clinician can help to minimize pain associated with testosterone injections:

  • Injection Site – One of the most relevant factors in reducing pain from testosterone injections is where it is injected.  Since testosterone must be administered directly into muscular tissue, it is important to ask your therapist to select an injection site away from major nerve groups.
  • Relaxation – A tense muscle can lead to painful knots or bruising after injection.  Relaxing the muscles around the area of the injection site can help to reduce not only the pinch of the injection, but the painful after-effects.
  • Gauge – The size of the needle is a no-brainer.  Smaller needle equals less pain.  There are many things to consider in the gauge size of the needle, but asking your therapist for the smallest possible will help to make testosterone injections less painful.
  • Slow & Steady – The urge to “do it quick and get it over with” usually causes more pain than a smooth, steady insertion of the needle.  It can cause the muscles at the injection site to tense, intensifying the pain.

Also, remember to follow all of your therapist’s direction for proper care of the injection site to avoid problematic and often painful effects.

Painless Testosterone Options

As mentioned before, one of the largest factors in pain control is your therapist.  Experienced hormone injection therapists have developed the skills and natural talent to make your experience with testosterone injections as positive and pain-free as possible.

However, there are also many applications of testosterone therapy that do not require needles at all.  Alternatives such as topical creams, gels, and patches may be used to administer the therapy non-intrusively.

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