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Causes of low libido

Low Libido In Men & Women Alike

At some point in any man or woman’s life, there may come a time when they simply lack the drive and desire to have sex.  The causes for these are many, but baring certain diseases and medical conditions that are gender-specific, the psychological and bio-chemical causes of low libido are very similar.

The impacts that a low libido can have on their lives is also very similar.  A low libido can lead to depression, frustration, and relationship strains without discrimination.  Being able to identify the triggers for a low libido is the first step toward working to correct it.

Causes Of Low Libido

The general causes of low libido in either a man or woman are most commonly:

  • Stress – The grand forerunner in low libido for men and women is an excess of stress in their everyday life, be it from work, home, family, or all of the above.
  • Depression – Though a low libido can cause depression, it can also be caused by depression.  A vicious cycle.
  • Poor Diet – A diet high in saturated fats and low in antioxidants can also lead to a low libido.  Poor diet can also lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and high blood-pressure which are also conditions that can contribute to low libido.
  • Alcoholism – Though a glass of wine with your lover can help set the mood for a romantic evening, too much alcohol can adversely affect libido in men and women.  Resulting ailments, such as liver disease, also cause a decreased sex drive.
  • Use of Narcotics – Narcotic drugs, be they legal prescriptions or illicit, can cause chemical and psychological changes in men and women that may decrease sexual desire.
  • Relationship Problems – Especially in long-term, monogamous relationships, a sudden shift in the wellbeing of the relationship can cause an underlying tension that may decrease libido.
  • Medical Issues – Sex is often the last thing on people’s minds during an illness.  A chronic disease, such as cancer or chronic pain, is no different.  Furthermore, many medical treatments for chronic (as well as acute) illnesses can interrupt a person’s sex drive.

Many of these problems can be alleviated by speaking to a professional psychiatrist, relationship counselor, or your family physician.  For some time, a low libido has been demonized as an embarrassing personal problem, but the number of cases has become so large that it has become a common ailment with a myriad of treatments.

Testosterone | The Ringleader Of Libido

Another very common cause of low libido is testosterone deficiency.  This goes for women too, believe it or not.  Testosterone is the major player in sexual appetite where hormones are concerned for both men and women.  Abnormally low levels of testosterone can severely impact libido.

It has long been believed that testosterone deficiency is nothing more than an unfortunate side-effect of aging.  However, in recent years, the numbers of younger men and women suffering from the deficiency have increased – most likely due to more seeking help rather than the actual number of sufferers increasing.

Scottsdale Health Center in Scottsdale, Arizona is the area’s leader in testosterone hormone replacement therapy.  Offering painless and proven-effective treatment that can increase not only libido in men and women, but overall quality of life.

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