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Cost of Growth Hormone

All About Growth Hormones

When it comes to body building, quick results with a low price tag is the way to go, and growth hormones can help you with that goal. Body builders all around the world enjoy the wonderful benefits of growth hormones. Growth hormones can improve energy and muscle mass with very few side effects. Body builders also enjoy the rather affordable price tag that doesn’t put holes in their pocket.

Pricing Rates Of Growth Hormones

The pricing of growth hormones depends greatly on the type of growth hormones you want.

  • Injectable Growth Hormones – $1000-$3000

This type is the most expensive because of their incredible results. Injection has proven to be the most effective way to take growth hormones with a faster and higher rate of success.

  • Oral Supplements -$35-$100

These cost less than injections and have varying effectiveness. It is important to read reviews on oral hormone supplements before deciding on any one brand.

  • Oral Sprays -$30-$80

Sprays are not ingested but absorbed through the mucosa in the mouth. They are just as effective as oral supplements, but some manufacturers claim they work faster.

Injectable hormones are the way to go for those who can afford them, but other supplements have shown good results and are a viable alternative.

Seek A Professional

Just like any other treatment for your body it’s best to seek out the help of a professional. Growth hormones are a medical treatment, and there are some people who are not suited for them. The experts at Scottsdale Health Center are more than happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic. Contact us today.

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