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Dating Tips For Older Men

Dating Advice for Older Men

The main problem older men have is appearing to be set in their ways. You must take steps to show the women you love that you still know how to shake things up.

  • Any age can be the prime of your life. Take a lady out dancing, take her rock climbing, go to the theater, take her to all the places she wants to go. Women, especially younger women will be happy to see that you are adventurous and capable of keeping up.
  • Spice up the bedroom. Women of all ages young and old enjoy a little spice in the bedroom. Try new things and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Put those extra years of experience to use.
  • Buy her presents. Every woman enjoys a gift. Surprise her with jewelry or perfume. Not only on special occasions, but any day of the week.
  • Surprise her. Take her to new places all on your own or cook her a nice dinner for two.

Making these moves yourself will show that you still know how to have fun.

Get Your Energy Back With Testosterone Therapy

You could have all the charm in the world but if you’re unable to please a woman do to lack of energy or sex drive, it could all be for naught. Once you hit the age of 40 your body will slow down it’s production of testosterone which results in less energy and a lower sex drive.

Studies have also shown an association with women’s attraction to men and higher levels of testosterone. Make it easier for yourself in the dating world by taking advantage of testosterone therapy.


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