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Different Kinds of Hormone Therapy

The Most Popular Kinds of Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is an excellent way to help your body compensate for the lack of hormone production as you age. Having an imbalance in hormones can lead to serious health concerns along with many annoying problems like fatigue, weight gain, low muscle mass, mood swings, and many more. The different kinds of hormone therapy include:

  • Biodentical Hormone Therapy
  • Testosterone Therapy
  • Growth Hormone Therapy

The different kinds of hormone therapy are used for different purposes depending on your objectives and needs. Both men and women can take advantage of hormone therapy to feel better, younger, and healthier.

Biodentical Hormone Therapy

Biodentical hormone therapy is an advanced method of hormone replacement therapy. It takes a test of your current hormone levels to determine exactly how much hormones that your body needs to create a healthy balance and get the most benefit. Both men and women experience decreases in hormone production typically, if not sooner, at the age of 30 and their bodies continue to decrease the rate of hormone production as they age. Biodentical hormone therapy will restore your biochemical balance, bringing your hormone levels to normalcy. Since biodentical hormone therapy is customized for each individual’s needs, you know you’re getting the right amount of hormones every time.

Testosterone Therapy

Many people associate testosterone with sex drive, and while this is true, a low level of testosterone will result in much more than a low sex drive. Low levels of testosterone have been associated with a number of health concerns including high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, weight gain, and many other conditions. If you’re experiencing low libido, decreased energy and/or sex drive, mood swings, or weight gain as you age, it’s likely due to low levels of testosterone. Testosterone therapy will help you feel younger and more vibrant while keeping you healthy and active. Testosterone therapy is beneficial for both men and women.

Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth hormone is most commonly used by athletes or body builders to help build muscle and perform better or by young children who have a deficiency in growth hormone, resulting in decreased growth. Growth hormone is also a natural hormone produced by your body which enables your body to develop naturally. As you age, your body will decrease its production of growth hormone which can make it difficult to stay in shape or build muscle, therefore by taking advantage of growth hormone therapy you are able to increase your levels of growth hormone, resulting in increased athletic performance.

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