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Does Hormone Therapy Cause Weight Gain

Does Hormone Therapy Cause Weight Gain?

Although estrogen could cause your body to retain water, which could lead to temporary weight gain, hormone replacement therapy has not been shown to cause weight gain. In the case of experiencing an increase in water retention, your doctor can adjust your dosage of estrogen to reduce water retention.

Regardless of whether or not a woman takes hormone replacement therapy, they’re still likely to gain about 30 pounds during menopause. The weight gain during menopause is not caused by hormone therapy.

Hormone Therapy Won’t Help You Lose Weight Either

On the flip side, there is also no evidence that hormone replacement therapy will help you lose weight due to menopause. While hormone therapy can be an excellent treatment for the symptoms of menopause, it’s not recommended to take hormone therapy for the sole purpose of trying to lose or gain weight.

Naturally, a sudden increase in weight during menopause can be quite stressful, but that should not be the only reason that you consider hormone therapy. Instead, it’s recommended to maintain a healthy diet to help prevent weight gain as well as help you lose the weight after menopause.

While hormone replacement therapy has not been shown to cause weight gain or weight loss, it can reduce several symptoms associated with menopause, as well as help reduce the risk of serious health concerns such as osteoporosis and dementia, therefore you could still greatly benefit from hormone therapy.

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