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Does testosterone build muscle

Testosterone’s Role in the Human Body

It is often easier for men to build muscle than women.  This is because men have a naturally higher concentration of testosterone in their bodies, and while testosterone may not be the only player in muscle mass growth, it is definitely the major player in muscular development.

A lack of testosterone in the body can severely weaken and limit the growth of muscles.  Moreover, testosterone deficiency can lead to other health problems such as depression, osteoporosis, and disrupted sleep cycles.

Testosterone plays a key role in many systems of the human body well beyond the muscle.  Many have found that testosterone therapy not only helps to build muscle, but increases their overall quality of life.

How Testosterone Builds Muscle

Testosterone is present in both men and women from conception, and helps to build muscles naturally during early development and through maturity.  Testosterone not only builds muscle, it has already been building muscle all of your life.

Testosterone is the natural hormone that performance enhancing medications, such as steroids, are made to imitate.  Obviously this means that testosterone works in a fashion similar to steroids, leading some professional athletes to abuse the hormone.

A healthy balance of testosterone helps to regulate growth and muscle mass.  And just like a deficiency of testosterone can cause fatigue and decreased muscle size, an excess of the hormone can cause the body to over-produce musculature and decrease an athlete’s recovery time, which gives them the ability to train hard and fast for many hours at a time.

Smaller, more controlled amounts of testosterone, however, can help to offer men and women the extra nudge that they need to build and strengthen muscle safely, quickly, and effectively. Click here to learn how working out can also help to increase testosterone.

Testosterone Therapy InArizona

Scottsdale Health Center serves many communities in and around the Phoenix area with specialized testosterone treatments custom tailored for every individual.  Our therapy is designed to help our clients increase muscle quickly, effectively, and most importantly, safely.

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