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Healthy Snack Ideas

Unhealthy Snacks to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

The snack isle at the grocery store is weight loss enemy number one.   Instead of going for those prepackaged snacks try shopping the produce isle instead.  Yes, it may take a little more prep time for your day in the kitchen, but your body will thank you.  The healthiest snacks are fruits and veggies, the fresher the better.  Avoid fruit in the can; there are tons of empty calories there.

Quick & Healthy Alternatives to Snack on

Dried fruits, nuts, fresh veggies, certain yogurts and whole grains are your best options.  Make sure you read the labels before you buy, avoid high caloric foods or ones that have high sodium.  Don’t like plain fruits and veggies?  Try adding peanut butter, cheese, or lite ranch dressing to change the flavor up.

Why Snack at All?

Snacking on healthy foods allows your body to remain full all day while also increasing your metabolism and keeping it steady to prevent extra weight gain. Plus it will reduce hunger pangs or feelings like you have overeaten.  If you fill your day with healthy snacks, you will easily meet your caloric intake for the day but in a healthy way.

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