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Hormone Therapy Scottsdale, Arizona

Growth hormone is responsible for cell reproduction and generation as well as stimulating growth. They are a type of peptide hormone; peptides being very similar to a protein but smaller.

What Is Growth Hormone & Why Would I want It?

Your body naturally produces growth hormones as part of the process of becoming an adult. Professional athletes have been using growth hormones for decades but, in addition to their uses in improving athletic performance, they are also used in anti-aging treatments.

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Happy patent after growth hormone[/custom_frame_left]A 1990 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that men over the age of sixty who were given growth hormone increased their muscle mass and bone density. A more recent review of scientific studies from Stanford similarly found that participants in growth hormone studies increased lean muscle and decreased body fat in nearly equivalent amounts.

Growth hormone clearly has many health benefits. Whether you want to improve your athletic performance or fight the affects of aging, it is worth consulting with our Scottsdale clinic’s doctor to determine whether growth hormone is right for you.

Is Using Growth Hormone Safe? Are There Any Side Effects?

We all know that too much of anything can be bad for you and the same is true for medicine. Growth hormone can be safely used under the care of a trained and experienced doctor. Your doctor will be responsible for monitoring your health as well as prescribing the appropriate amounts of growth hormone for your body. As with any other responsible medical professional, it is part of our doctor’s job to discuss the possibility of negative side effects with you before prescribing you medication.

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