Am I going through Andropause?

If you’re a Man over 45, and you’re starting to feel low on energy, tired all the time, depressed, or uninterested in sex, it might not be normal aging. You may be experiencing the signs of Andropause, or “Male Menopause”, a condition where men no longer produce normal levels of Testosterone.


What Are The Risks of Andropause?

In one study, men over 50 who were not treated for low testosterone were twice as likely to die over a four year period as those that were. While some of this can be attributed to better medical care for the men that were treated, low Testosterone is a risk factor in many chronic diseases such as

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Declining vision

Fountain Hills Testosterone Therapy For Andropause Treatment

Testosterone therapy has been approved by the FDA for Men suffering from abnormally low levels of Testosterone, such as those caused by Andropause. It is available as an Injection, Gel, Transdermal patch, or implantable pellet. Testosterone is currently the most effective treatment for Andropause, and our experienced Doctor can help you decide how to best administer it.

Most Insurance Covers Most of The Cost of Testosterone Therapy

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