How Many Prolotherapy Injections

Prolotherapy is not an immediate fix for people suffering from tendon or ligament pain.  Prolotherapy is meant as a treatment that stimulates the body’s own ability to heal and repair damaged connective tissues.  This natural healing takes a little bit of time, and a stubborn body may require more motivation from additional injections.

The standard minimum for prolotherapy is 3 injections spaced two to six weeks apart.  After the first three treatments, most patients begin to report noticeable improvement in pain and strength of the effected ligament or tendon – some even report a complete recovery, and no further injections are needed.

After the initial 3 treatments, additional courses may be necessary.  These treatments are often spaced further apart than the first course of injections as the prolotherapy recipients continue to improve.  Normally, no more than an additional 3 treatments are required before the connective tissues regain their strength and pain becomes minimal.

Severe cases, however, may require additional courses to reach full effectiveness.

Follow-Up Injections

In some cases, especially with severe and chronic conditions, additional treatments may be necessary.  These might range from a single injection to another entire course.  Follow-ups are not always needed, and many clients who have received prolotherapy report a full and permanent recovery after the first 3-6 treatments.

Prolotherapy Treatments In Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Restorative Clinic now offers prolotherapy to their clients.  Our expert staff is trained to get the most out of every treatment for each customer, making fewer injections necessary.  Prolotherapy is an advanced technique that can help ease chronic pain for good.  Contact us today to see if prolotherapy is right for you.

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