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How many sessions do I need for acupuncture

The General Effectiveness Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has grown to such popularity in recent years because of the fact that it is highly effective in most cases.  However, there are many symptoms and conditions that may take more than a single session for acupuncture to offer a noticeable improvement.  Mostly, it depends upon what kind of treatment you are seeking from your acupuncture therapist.

Acute conditions normally respond very well and very quickly to acupuncture.  Chronic conditions, such as hypertension, may take a series of several sessions for benefits to become apparent.  And of course, as with all medical practices, acupuncture therapy may not be effective for all patients.

Number Of Sessions & Frequency Of Acupuncture Sessions

Almost any condition can reap at least some benefit from acupuncture, and possibly even be resolved completely.  The following is the number of sessions you may require to see these benefits depending on the type of condition you are facing:

  • Minimal, acute conditions normally only take 1-3 weekly sessions to reach maximum benefit.
  • More severe acute conditions may take 3-5 sessions, weekly or twice weekly, to be effective.
  • Minor chronic conditions may require as many as 5-7 weekly or twice weekly sessions.
  • Some severe chronic conditions could require as many as 12 sessions over a 6-week period to begin working, and in some cases may require weekly or monthly maintenance sessions to keep the condition from recurring.

If after you have reached this number of sessions for your conditions, speak with your acupuncture therapist to help you seek an alternative method of treatment – acupuncture may simply not be right for you.

Raising The Effectiveness Rate Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a very delicate, precise procedure that requires an experienced and talented therapist to properly administer.  When searching for an acupuncture clinic, make certain that their staff is properly trained and certified to administer acupuncture sessions.  An experienced acupuncturist will ensure that you gain the full benefits possible without the need for unnecessary extra sessions.

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