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How to increase libido and sex drive

Low Libido | Causes & Effects

Low libido can be caused by a wide variety of factors.  Stress at home or work, poor diet, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem can all contribute to a decreased sex drive in both men and women.  But, even though the exact cause of low libido may be difficult – or even impossible – it can be combatted with a few simple methods.

Living with low libido can lead to many quality-of-life problems if left unchecked.  Though it really is a common occurrence, a person suffering from low libido often takes to feeling lonely and depressed.  What’s more, low libido can lead to a variety of marital and relationship problems – the importance of making love should not be underestimated in any romantic relationship.

For these and many other potential issues, it is important to deal with the problem rather than ignore it.  This is often easier said than done, as many (especially men) often begin to feel shameful about their issues with libido due to the high value that our society tends to place on sex.  Just remember that you are far from alone in this issue.

How To Increase Libido & Sex Drive

Increasing libido is never an exact science, and some methods may have different results depending on age, lifestyle, stress triggers, body chemistry, and a myriad of other factors.  The following suggestions have seen success in many, but don’t get discouraged if the first few don’t work for you – keep at it.

  • Eliminate Stress – While sex can be a positive way to release stress for some, others may find that stress is a serious cause of decreased libido.  Learning to take a meditative approach to stress management, or even taking a walk after supper, can be a great start to increasing your libido.
  • Confidence – It may seem obvious, but building your self-esteem and confidence can help immensely with low libido.  From a nice, new pair of shoes to a full-blown session of self-motivational tapes, a little confidence building can go a long way.
  • Proper Diet – A healthy diet, packed with protein and limited in saturated fats, can help to increase libido as well.  Foods such as oysters, celery, bananas, nuts, mangoes, avocadoes, peaches, strawberries, figs, pumpkin, and chocolate have some evidence to support that they can stimulate libido directly.
  • Environment – General clutter and messiness can be a detriment to your libido.  Clean house, straighten up, light some sweet-smelling aromatherapy candles, and spritz a little perfume or cologne in the air.
  • Limit Alcohol – Alcohol has a history of helping people relax – and a nice glass of red wine is almost synonymous with a romantic evening that may lead to a sexual encounter.  However, alcohol is also a depressant, and anything more than a glass or two can do more harm than good.
  • Conversation – Any conversation about sex can start out uncomfortably, which may be part of the problem.  But if you’re comfortable with your partner, there is no reason to feel shame about it.  Talk about the problem with your partner and work out exactly what lights the fire between you.
  • Therapy – Yes, there are therapists that specialize in sex – a lot of them.  If you have reason to believe that your low libido is psychological in nature, professional help is never too far away.

Sex is an important bonding and relationship building experience for any consenting adult.  Letting low libido continue unchecked – or worse, letting it dominate your life – can become a serious issue very quickly.  If you’ve tried everything and still find yourself suffering from low desire and sex drive, consider testosterone therapy.

The Role Testosterone Plays In Libido For Both Men & Women

Testosterone is an important hormone for libido in men, which we all know.  As it happens, women also produce the hormone naturally, and it plays just as big a part in their own libido.  Men and women with low testosterone is a growing demographic in the United States.

If you think that your low libido may be the result of a hormonal imbalance, seeking the help of a professional hormone replacement clinic can provide results that are nothing short of amazing for most patients.

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