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How to Make Your Husband Romantic

How To Get Your Husband To Be More Romantic

If you wish to experience the joy of your husband swooning at your every move and bending to your every desire then you must be willing to put work into the relationship. Often in a relationship the husband can feel that you no longer desire his romance. You must perform little actions to show him that you still long for his touch.

  • Don’t be afraid to wear makeup, even at home. Sometimes women can be anxious about dressing up; don’t be. Your looks are your tools – use them to your advantage. Wear a little make up, and do up your hair every now and then. Simple acts like this can remind your husband why he fell for you in the first place.
  • Arrange for private date nights. You may want your husband to arrange these things for you, but sometimes you have to take the initiative. Arrange for a sitter to watch the kids, then find a nice restaurant, or cook a lovely meal for two. Your husband will revel in the wonderful evening you put together, and the bonds between you will grow even closer.
  • Buy him gifts. Men, like women, enjoy the fineries of life. If you want to receive gifts of a romantic nature do not be afraid to likewise give them. If your husband is a businessman he may enjoy a nice tie. If he is a craftsman perhaps a nice pair of gloves. Whatever the gift, he is certain to appreciate the gesture.
  • Try lingerie. Sometimes a little spice is needed to keep the fire roaring. The right outfit can keep the flames hot well into the night.
  • Sample a variety of tools and techniques. Do not be afraid to try new and exciting things. Your man will be thrilled by your new found sense of adventure.

What if These Tips Don’t Help

Sometimes, you can be doing all the right things and still encounter a problem, and that’s not your fault. Does your husband seem more irritable lately? Does he seem overly tired while doing the things he used to love? Does he seem to lack the stamina he used to have in bed? If so, he may be suffering from low testosterone which can lead to low sex drive, irritability and mood swings among other symptoms. Suggest hormone replacement therapy to help him get his youthfulness back again.

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