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Is Botox Dangerous?

Is Botox Really Dangerous?

Over the past couple of decades or so, you may have heard a “horror story” or two about the dangers of Botox.  The truth is there are over a million new botox customers every year, not including the millions more that return for further treatments.  Of these, a very small percentage experience any more than the mildest of side effects of Botox.

In fact, almost all of the bad publicity that has plagued the botox industry over the last fifteen years has been the result of inexperienced “professionals” and uncertified medications that have not cleared the standards of the Food and Drug Administration.  For those who do the research on the credentials of their botox clinic, and know what to look for, botox injection is a very safe and pain-free procedure.

What to Look For in a Botox Clinic

If you are thinking of getting Botox, make sure you are aware of the following:

  • DIY botox injections may be available in your area.  It is NEVER a good idea to do-it-yourself where Botox injections are concerned.  Getting the full measure of safety and effectiveness from Botox requires an experienced professional.
  • The person that is administering your treatment should, of course, work in a clinic.  If they offer to come to your home to do a treatment, or ask you to come to their home, it is probably not a safe procedure.
  • The clinic you select should appear clean and professional, and the treatment room should feel like nothing less than any medical clinic.  If the place doesn’t look safe, it likely isn’t.
  • Your clinic should also be able to offer proof that they are licensed and certified to administer Botox treatments.  If they have no evidence on hand, it’s probably best to find another clinic.
  • The person doing your treatment should also have credentials either on display or on file.  If your Botox specialist does not have a license or certificate to show you, they are likely not experienced enough to do the treatment safely.
  • The clinic should also be able to offer you evidence that the medication they use meets the safety standards of the FDA.  Do a little research on the most common brands of Botox medications – if they aren’t using a brand you recognize, and cannot offer you FDA certified evidence that it is safe, it may not be.

So long as your clinic meets these minimum standards, the most danger that Botox poses in the vast majority of cases is very light bruising that might be sensitive to the touch for a couple of days.

However, it is very important that you do not have a natural allergy or heightened sensitivity to botox.  Make sure that the clinic you select can test you for allergy, or at the very least refer you to a medical doctor that can.

Getting The Most Out Of Botox

Botox is nothing to be afraid of, and speaking with the expert staff of a clinic licensed to administer botox can help to alleviate any lingering concerns that you might have.  A dedicated professional will always be ready to address these concerns and help set your mind at ease.  So if you’re ready to try Botox, don’t wait to talk to a qualified health care professional.

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