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Is the HCG program expensive

HCG Diet Programs – Value VS. Expense

On average, the HCG diet program costs as much as $175 per week for in-clinic injections.  That may not sound too bad, but considering that the average HCG program lasts 21-42 days, the cost is actually about $500-$1000 – and more rounds might be required after a few months to see major results.

You might be asking why the HCG diet is so popular if it is so expensive.  The answer is, HCG diet programs are one of the most effective forms of medical weight-loss available.  HCG diets offer dramatic weight-loss for both men and women while maintaining the health of its participants.

The overall value of the program outweighs the expense considerably, and new products and services have become available to make the process less-expensive.

Less Expensive Approaches To The HCG Program

Recently, clinics that offer HCG programs have adapted a trained at-home process to save patients on the cost of weekly office visits.  The at-home HCG program requires a single visit to the clinic for pre-program screening, training on how to use the program safely, and sometimes the first HCG dose.  After the visit, the patient is given pre-measured weekly dose that comes in the form of a syringe, liquid, or tablet.

Weekly doses you can use at home are considerably less expensive, costing about $75 on average.  And after the first visit, weekly follow-up visits become unnecessary.  However, some clinics have taken to offering severely discounted weekly rates to help track its patients’ weight-loss and ensure the program is taking full effect.

The Importance Of Clinical Visits

While it may seem that saving the extra money on office visits is the best way to go, keep in mind that HCG is still a medical program.  To ensure that you are adapting safely and successfully, you may consider visiting your clinic weekly anyway to weigh-in and discuss your complimentary nutritional needs with a certified clinician.  Of course, as mentioned before, many clinics offer this service at great rates to maximize customer satisfaction.

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