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Mood Swings In Older Men

Mood Swings in Men Over 40

Mood swings in older men are not uncommon. These usually begin at the age of 40, but they can start and continue later in life. Mood swings in men over 50 are no less common or serious.

Mood swings can range from mild to violent. They can cause problems in a man’s day-to-day life. Mood swings in men may be a sign of a midlife crisis. Most men pass through this stage of life with relative ease, but for some it can lead them into depression.

Are the Mood Swings Serious?

We all have stress in our lives. This stress can cause us to lose our temper, or act like fools. The first step is to determine if the mood swings are from a justified source of stress rather than random and unjustified.

To tell if mood swings are part of a more serious condition, such as depression, you must look for other symptoms.

  • Is he more irritable as of late?
  • Is he restless at night?
  • Does he have feelings of hopelessness?
  • Are there aches in his body that medicine will not treat?
  • Has he talked about suicide? (If you or a loved one is contemplating suicide seek help immediately)
  • Is there still enjoyment in the activities he used to love?
  • Does he still maintain an active sex drive?

If you observe these actions in him, then it may be time to seek help.

Many of the symptoms associated with a midlife crisis are also found in men with low testosterone. Low testosterone is common for men in their 40’s and 50’s. Men with low testosterone have reduced energy, mood swings, lack of energy, lack of a sex drive or erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone is nothing to be ashamed of. Many men suffering from it can still lead full healthy lives. If you are concerned about the health of yourself, or a loved one, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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