The Importance Of Testosterone In Everyday Life

A testosterone deficiency can mean much more than a little less muscle and a lack of romantic desire.  Lack of the hormone can lead to osteoporosis, depression, lack of energy, lack of focus, and an overall decrease in quality of life.

Increasing testosterone naturally cannot be done overnight, but with some adjustments to diet and lifestyle, it is entirely possible.

Vitamins & Food Associated With Testosterone Boosting

Vitamins associated with a natural increase in testosterone are omega-3, vitamin D, and especially zinc.  Taking a daily supplement or supplements that include these, along with altering your diet to include foods rich in these sources can help to increase your testosterone.  These foods include:

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  • Oysters – Raw or cooked in any way.  However, frying oysters can deplete many of the important nutrients that can boost testosterone.
  • Red Meats – Red meats contain a lot of zinc, especially lean cuts of beef.
  • Beans – Beans are also high in protein and zinc.
  • Poultry – Skinless cuts of chicken or turkey are also good for testosterone, remember no frying.
  • Dairy – Dairy is the prime source of vitamin D. Cheese and milk is back on the menu.
  • Green Veggies – Though not a great source of other vitamins, they contain an important compound called indole-3-carbinol, which helps to decrease estrogen.  Estrogen is considered the enemy to testosterone boosting.[/custom_list]

You may also benefit from maintaining a healthy diet in general, with limited sugar, low carbohydrates, and a conservative level of calories.  Increasing healthy fats, like mono and poly-unsaturated fats has also been shown to improve testosterone levels.

Exercise Shown To Help Increase Testosterone

Though any form of exercise can be beneficial to the endeavor to increase testosterone, strength training is, by far, the most efficient and effective.

Reaping the full benefits of exercise, however, means extremely high intensity workouts at short intervals.  One or two sessions of high-energy workout per day is the current standard for increasing testosterone through exercise.

Alternative To Natural Testosterone Techniques

For many men and women, natural testosterone building methods do not provide satisfactory results.  For them, testosterone replacement therapy is a safe and effective alternative.  Many techniques for testosterone therapy are completely non-invasive and pain free.

Scottsdale Health Center in Scottsdale, Arizona has perfected the art of tailored care for every patient.  This ensures that each patient reaches the maximum benefit of every treatment with custom amounts of medication.  Contact our staff today for more information.