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Prolotherapy Cost | An Affordable Option For Chronic Pain

Prolotherapy Cost On Average Per Condition

The cost of prolotherapy relies heavily on the condition that is being employed to treat.  Though prices can still vary between clinics, the following is a good average of prices, and should give you some idea of the total cost:

•    Fingers & Toes – This price (depending on how many digits are treated) usually runs between $225 and $375.

•    Foot, Heel, & Hand – The cost of prolotherapy for a foot, heel, or hand is about $300.

•    Elbow & Ankle – Elbow and ankle prolotherapy injections average about $400 each.

•    Knee – Prolotherapy for the knee costs around $425.

•    Wrist – Prolotherapy for the wrist, including the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, usually costs about $350.

•    Jaw – Usually used to treat the symptoms of TMJ, jaw prolotherapy costs an average of $300.

•    Hip & Shoulder – Hip and shoulder pain, like the knee, usually requires a larger dose of prolotherapy solution, driving the cost up to around $425.

•    Neck & Back – Prolotherapy treatment on the neck and mid or lower back requires special precautionary measures due to proximity to the spine.  This increases the price of treatment to around $700.

Unfortunately, a single session of prolotherapy is usually not enough to provide noticeable results.  On average, 3-6 treatments are needed, depending on the severity of the condition.  Speak with your prolotherapy provider to find out if they offer any special discounts for paying the entire course up-front.

Prolotherapy Cost & Medical Insurance

Most medical insurance providers are slow to catch up with treatment technology, and prolotherapy is no exception.  Medicare and Medicaid will likely offer no coverage for prolotherapy.  Some private insurance companies may cover prolotherapy in whole or in part – contact your provider for more information.

Other systems, such as worker’s compensation, may also help to cover the prolotherapy cost as well, but you will likely be responsible for 100% of the total cost as you await reimbursement from the compensation company.

Locating A Prolotherapy Provider

Prolotherapy is usually provided by health & wellness clinics, alternative medicine providers, and chiropractors, which is usually readily available in most areas.  However, finding one that provides prolotherapy along with their usual set of practices may take some calling around.

In Arizona, the most trusted source for prolotherapy is Scottsdale Restorative Medicine.  Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding area we have the most professional prolotherapy service that insures the highest quality prolotherapy at the most affordable cost.  Contact us today.

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