Reported Prolotherapy Side Effects

As with any form of injection therapy and medications mild pain and irritation is a possibility.  Recipients of prolotherapy generally report such side effects within the first 72-hours following the ejection if it occurs at all.  Tenderness associated with prolotherapy is easily treatable with Tylenol in most cases, and are temporary – normally lasting only a few hours to a couple of days.  Any pain or irritation will remain extremely localized at the injection site.

Other less common prolotherapy side effects include:

•    Bleeding – Minor bleeding from the initial injection is not to be unexpected.

•    Lightheadedness – Very few people have reported a slight lightheaded feeling during and directly after the injection.

•    Allergic Reaction – Though very rare, slight to severe allergic reactions to the agent used in prolotherapy have been reported.

•    Infection – Any injection-based medication carries a slight risk of infection.

Some have also cited nerve damage as a potential side effect.  However, this risk is very slight and no substantiated report of such a side effect has been reported.

There have also been reports of prolotherapy side effects associated exclusively with back-pain treatment, including back and neck pain, spinal cord irritation, pneumothorax, and injury to discs.  These side effects occur at the same rate as any other spinal injection procedure, such as an epidural.

Conditions That May Increase Risk Of Prolotherapy Side Effects

Prolotherapy is generally not recommended for people with the following conditions:

•    Abscess (Especially Near The Injection Site)
•    Bleeding Disorders & Patients On Anticoagulants
•    Known Allergy To Prolotherapy Agents
•    Acute Infections
•    Septic Or Gouty Arthritis
•    Bone Fractures

These conditions may increase the risks of experiencing potentially severe side effects.  Discuss any conditions with your doctor before beginning prolotherapy.

Experienced Prolotherapy In Scottsdale, Arizona

The risk of nearly all adverse prolotherapy side effects can be substantially lessened under the care of an experienced, professional injection therapist.  A good therapist who is capable of identifying extenuating risk factors on an individual basis, as well as observe standard sterilization policies, can ensure that prolotherapy is administered safely.

Scottsdale Restorative Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona is the most highly recommended prolotherapy service in the region, with an experienced and concerned staff that ensures the highest level of professional care to each and every customer.  Contact us today for an evaluation.