The More Wallet-Friendly Cost Of PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is still a relatively new treatment for many injuries and conditions.  Though it has recently fallen from the ridiculous-expense range into something much more manageable, it is still a little pricey for some budgets.  But, once you consider the alternatives of surgery and months of physical therapy, the price per injection is actually a fraction of the price.

Most people who have undergone PRP therapy, even a few years ago when it cost thousands of dollars for every injection, will swear by its value at any price.  This value comes from the fact that it works quickly and effectively on many bone and soft tissue injuries.  Pain and discomfort can be minimized very quickly in the simple, minimally-invasive techniques associated with PRP therapy.

The Average Prices Nationwide Of PRP Therapy

As research and technology continues to catch up with this cutting-edge technique, PRP therapy may become more available at even more economic prices.  For now, the cost of PRP injections, nationwide, is:

  • $500 At Minimum
  • $650-$700 Average
  • $1,000 Maximum

Normally, 2-3 injections are needed to reach full benefit over as many months.  This means that full cost for a full PRP therapy course can be anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000.

Now, to compare PRP therapy’s application to ACL damage with the alternative of a single surgery, $1,000-$3,000 is normal just for the surgeon’s fee.  This does not account for anesthesia, hospital stay, or the lengthy physical therapy that comes after the surgery.  This puts the average cost of ACL surgery around $8,000, but costs of $20,000 or even $50,000 is not uncommon.

Where To Receive PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is a relatively new technique, and as such many clinics have not yet caught up with the cutting-edge procedure.  It may take a little searching in your area to find one, but as it becomes more available, clinics that offer PRP therapy are certain to rise.

The most effective PRP therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona is available from Scottsdale Health Center.  Contact us today to speak with our staff about the benefits of PRP therapy.