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The “prolo” in prolotherapy is short for proliferation. Proliferation means to grow or multiply by rapidly producing new tissue, parts, cells and that is just what it does.
[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Prolotherapy Patients[/custom_frame_left] By injecting a solution into a location on the body where connected tissue has been weakened or damaged over the course of many years of use, prolotherapy causes new connective tissue to grow. This process works because the solution itself is a kind of natural irritant and stimulates the body’s natural biological responses to trigger healing.In this regard one even might say it is similar to getting a flu shot to produce antibodies to fight the flu. It works using the same general principle, by helping the body to heal itself. Prolotherapy takes more than one treatment to see results. Typically prolotherapy treatments are provided every three to six weeks with treatments becoming less frequent as the treatments begin to produce results.

What Problems Can Prolotherapy Provide Treatment For?

Examples of problems that prolotherapy can help with include: osteoarthritis; knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, and ankle pain; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; and problems with your rotator cuff. In other words, if it is a joint problem where increased ligament growth could provide a solution, then prolotherapy might provide an excellent solution for you.

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Do you often find your joints swollen or sore? Do you experience grinding, clicking, or even catching sensations in your joints? Do you experience headaches associated with accompanying face, jaw, or ear pain?

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