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Side Effects of Botox

The Possibility of Experiencing Botox Side Effects

Botox is possibly the most commonly used treatment for anti-aging in America.  That fact that more than a million people try Botox for the first time every year, and even more continue to return to Botox treatments, is a testament to it’s effectiveness and lack of serious side effects.

However, Botox can only be truly called safe if it is administered by a professional in a clinical environment that uses only FDA approved medications.  And of course it is always important to talk with your doctor before trying Botox for the first time.

Mild Side Effects Possible With Botox Treatments

After speaking with the doctor to ensure that you are not allergic or abnormally sensitive to Botox medications, there are still some mild discomforts and annoyances that may occur in a few people:

  • Mild pain at or near the injection site may be present for a couple of days after treatment.
  • Minor headaches could occur for a few days following the injection.
  • Light bruising or discoloration near the injection site might be noticed, and should lessen in three or four days.
  • Slight swelling, if any at all, could persist for a week or so after the treatment.

Even less common side effects of Botox, usually associated with treatments other than wrinkle reduction, include:

  • Light and short-lived symptoms associated with the flu.
  • A slightly increased risk of upper respiratory infections.
  • Mild fevers may in some cases occur intermittently for a few days.
  • Back or neck pain and stiffness (usually only if Botox is administered for migraine headaches).

Another side effect that some experience is a temporary weakness in the treated muscles as the Botox treatment wears off.  However, in most cases, the muscle simply remains relaxed, which softens the reappearance of wrinkles.

The Most Dangerous Side Effect

Although very rare, allergic reactions have been known to occur with people using Botox treatments for the first time.  These can range from something as minor as a skin outbreak around the injection site to very serious conditions such as anaphylaxis (a swelling of the throat).  This is why it so important to talk to a doctor or qualified expert in the field of Botox treatments beforehand.

Clinics in which Botox is administered can usually test if you are overly sensitive to Botox medications and offer you sound advice as to whether or not you should proceed.  Even better news, if a clinic offers Botox, they may offer alternatives for people who are allergic or oversensitive to Botox.

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