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Stop the Weight Loss Madness

Stop the Weight Loss Madness With Scottsdale’s Best Medical Weight Loss Center

Revenues of the weight loss industry in the US reached $20 Billion in 2012. Why? Because the weight loss industry has a lot of repeat customers.

Diets are a gold mine. After following a diet plan, the lucky few lose weight, look slim and fit, and are happy to tell everyone about it; many more see minor results but fail to lose any substantial amount of weight. Within a few months or years, most people are back where they started, torturing themselves for not “watching it.”

All the diets revolve around the same concept: Eating fewer calories than you are spending.

One major problem with diets that promote slow weight loss is that it takes a long time to see results. If your weight loss goal is 30 lbs., at a rate of 1 lb. a week you will be watching what you eat, counting calories, and obsessing over food for the next 30 weeks. 7 months is a very long term commitment! And the clincher is that once you stop dieting, the weight starts to pile back on.

 Scottsdale Restorative Medicine is Arizona’s Best Medical Weight Loss Center

We can help stop the madness of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. A diet shouldn’t be done alone. It should be supervised by medical professionals you can talk to, who can recommend what works best for your body to quickly and safely lose weight.

 Our Medical Weight Loss Center Makes It All Easier

The experienced physicians and medical staff at Scottsdale Restorative Medicine use a multipronged approach to weight loss that can include:

  • Appetite suppressants that can help you reduce your food intake.
  • Hormone therapy that can help you increase your energy levels and gain more lean muscle
  • A proven hCG program which combines a very low caloric intake with daily injections of hCG, a natural hormone that suppresses appetite and and helps burn fat, not muscle, very rapidly.

Prolonged and torturous diets are a thing of the past. Get started on the right diet for your body today; a diet that is safe, simple, and has proven results.


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