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Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone & How It Can Affect Your Life

Feeling old beyond your years? Are the things you used to enjoy becoming nothing more than chores? Have you had problems satisfying the one you love? If any of this sounds familiar then you may suffer from low testosterone. You might be asking, what are symptoms of low testosterone in men? Hopefully this article will help shed some light on the issue.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

Low testosterone symptoms in men can vary from man to man. Here is a concise list of symptoms of low testosterone in men.

  • Men with low testosterone can have quickly changing moods.
  • On top of mood swings, men with low testosterone can also be irritable. Things that they would normally let go may now make them angry.
  • High blood pressure is common among men with low testosterone.
  • If you lack the desire to pleasure your significant other it may be a sign of low testosterone.
  • Even if your sexual drive is intact you may find yourself suffering from the inability to perform due to erectile dysfunction.

What Can I do About It?

Low testosterone is nothing to be ashamed of. It affects many men who live full and healthy lifestyles. Low testosterone is most prominent among middle age and elderly men but can be found in all age groups. If you believe you may be suffering for low testosterone or a hormone imbalance, contact a health specialists regarding testosterone therapy or click here to learn about it first.

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