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First Testosterone Test To Prevent Diabetes

World’s First Testosterone Test To Prevent Diabetes

In Australia, on Jan 23, 2013 the world is beginning it’s first clinical trial to determine if testosterone can actually prevent diabetes.

“A world-first trial is getting underway in Australia to determine if the male sex hormone, testosterone, can prevent type-2 diabetes in men. Fifteen hundred men are being recruited for a national trial. They’ll be injected with a hormone to see if it can halt the chronic disease.”
– Sally Sara

American Diabetes Statistics

  • In 2007 diabetes was the cause of death on over 70,000 death certificates
  • Diabetes is a growing problem for humans
  • High blood pressure & heart disease are related to diabetes
  • Diabetes can lead to kidney disease, blindness & amputation
  • 60% to 70% of people with diabetes have levels of nervous system damage
  • The cost of Diabetes in 2007 was over $174 billion dollars
It has been proven that testosterone treatment can reduce the risk of heart disease and clinical trials are now underway to prove that testosterone can also reduce the risk of diabetes. Read more.

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