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Testosterone Facts and Misconceptions – What you need to know

Facts and Misconceptions about Testosterone

There are a number of misconceptions and half-truths circulating about Testosterone:

Will Testosterone therapy reduce my natural levels of Testosterone or shrink my gonads?

While large amounts of injected Testosterone, such as those used by some bodybuilders, can cause your body to stop producing Testosterone, the doses usually prescribed by doctors to combat deficiency will not cause your body to produce less Testosterone or have a negative physical impact.

Can High Testosterone levels improve fertility?

Yes, up to a point. Depending on the dosage, Testosterone can either enhance or diminish fertility. Low doses increase sperm motility, while high doses actually inhibit sperm production.

Can you raise your Testosterone levels with exercise?

Again, yes, depending on the type, duration, and intensity of exercise. Moderate to vigorous strength training can increase Testosterone within natural limits, but extreme endurance exercise can actually diminish your T. Low testosterone also makes it harder to exercise due to fatigue and low energy.

Is Low Testosterone linked with being over weight?

Yes. The extra fat you store around your body acts like a sponge that absorbs Testosterone, taking it out of the blood and reducing energy and libido.

Can Low Testosterone cause a Mid Life crisis?

When men at any age feel bored with their careers, their wives, and their lives, they often buy a hot new car or make dramatic changes in their personal relationships. Although no definite cause has been established, there is strong evidence suggesting that men suffering from low testosterone are especially prone to mid-life crises; they often try to revive their sex appeal through external objects and new relationships. A simple blood test can determine if they are suffering from low testosterone levels.

Is Low Testosterone a problem that only affects older men?

While itโ€™s true that older men tend to have lower T due to a phenomenon known as Andropause, this problem can affect men at any age, even teenagers. When younger men suffer from low Test, it is known as Hypogonadism.

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