What is Regenokine ?

Regenokine a non-surgical treatment to treat arthritis, joint pain, low back pain and certain muscle and tendon pain. Regenokine uses your bodies own bloods chemical for pain, mobility by working as a anti-inflammatory.


How does Regonkine compare to PRP?

This is where the facts are important. Regenokine is only approved for animals in the United States and when compared to to PRP in studies, PRP show improvement with pain and arthritis, not Regenokine. PRP and Regenokine are similar, as they both use blood drawn from the patient, but Regenokine is heated and instigating a anti-inflammatory response.  But for now PRP si


What you need to know about the Regenokine:

  • •   Not FDA approved
  • •   Like PRP they use your blood except, but apply heat to the blood first
  • •   Unlike PRP there are no current studies showing positive effects in humans, So we recommend PRP injections