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Why men lose interest in sex

Decreased Sexual Appetite In Men

With the current sociological pressures on men when it comes to sex, a sudden or gradual loss of sex drive can bring on feelings of shame and embarrassment.  However, the problem is much more common than one might expect, effecting as many as 1 out of 5 men in the United States.

The lost interest in sex can cause a variety of social and personal problems, including depression and marital issues.  Low libido should not be confused with erectile dysfunction, and you should always speak with a doctor before beginning medication for E.D., which may be entirely unnecessary in some cases.

Causes For Lost Sexual Interest In Men

The most common factors that contribute to men losing interest in sex include:

  • Stress – Stress at work or home can impact sexual desire in men and is possibly the most common reason for loss of interest in sex.  Practicing some general stress management techniques can help to improve sexual appetite.
  • Anxiety – Like stress, anxiety can also contribute to low libido in men.  Today’s high tension world breeds constant worries about money, bills, and family; among other things.  Again, stress management techniques might help to alleviate some of these concerns and help increase libido.
  • Relationship – Problems in a man’s relationship, either with his partner or other family members, can also cause problems with sex drive.  Working these out, or visiting with a family or marital counselor can help to normalize sex drive in men.
  • Depression – Depression can affect many aspects of a man’s life, including his sexual relationships.  Seeking medical and psychological help for depression can help men get back to a happier lifestyle and increase libido.
  • Medical Concerns – High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol, as well as some medications, can impact sexual desire in men.  Visiting with a doctor may help.
  • Poor Diet – Believe it or not, a high fat diet can cause men to lose interest in sex.   Changing to a healthier, antioxidant rich diet may help. Also keep in mind, for men, belly fat can dampen the production of testosterone and in turn cause a lost interest in sex.

Identifying the cause or causes of decreased desire is the first step to eliminating them.  Speaking with a doctor, psychiatrist, or sexual therapist can lead to simple remedies and help to return a man’s libido to a normal, healthy level.

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Hormonal Deficiency In Men Of Any Age

Testosterone is the hormone that is most responsible for sexual desire and sex drive.  A decrease in the level of testosterone in men can lead inexorably to a loss of interest in sex.  Though aging can lead to this deficiency, it can occur at any time in a man’s life.

Unlike other factors that can relate to a man’s loss of interest in sex, a testosterone deficiency cannot be solved primarily by changes in lifestyle, diet, or therapy.  Rather, the testosterone hormone must be replaced by a licensed hormonal replacement clinic.


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