The HCG Diets Helps Keep The Weight Off

Science has proven that diets, especially diets that help take weight off quickly, always leaves a dieter with the potential to gain back the weight they’ve lost.  The fact of the matter is, the thing that ensures you maintain your new, healthier weight after participating in any diet program, is the choices you make afterward.

The same is true for the HCG diet.  However, over the course of the HCG diet program, your body is re-trained to deal with the way you naturally react to those pesky fat cells.  The HCG diet teaches your system how to turn fat into energy more effectively, so burning fat becomes a much easier process.

Three Tips To Keep The Weight From Coming Back

After stopping the HCG diet program your body will have a new weapon to help fight fat.  Also, many people who participate in the HCG diet program report that they do not crave the same fatty, sugary foods that made them gain the weight in the first place.  Still, a little maintenance is required to ensure that you and your body don’t simply fall back into the old habits:

  • Healthy Snacking – After stopping a diet program, it isn’t necessarily going to help you maintain your weight by sticking to carrot sticks and celery every time you need a snack.  While it doesn’t really hurt, either, it is usually more beneficial to introduce low-fat snacks with a high protein content, such as low fat beef-jerky, egg whites, tuna, oatmeal, and peanut butter.
  • Exercise – While it may not be as important to hit the track every day like you were when you were taking off the weight, it is still important that you maintain a healthy cardio program and a more active lifestyle to keep from gaining back the weight.
  •  3-Squares – Don’t skip meals when trying to keep off weight.  You are much more likely to ingest larger quantities at supper if you skip lunch.  Three moderate meals a day will give your body plenty of time to digest and metabolize your food without storing fat.
  • Rewards – If you’ve been really good this week, it’s not so bad to have a cup of low-fat ice cream, or even the devilish candy bar occasionally.  Just be sure that you don’t over-indulge too much.  Cutting out the little sugary things completely will just make you want them more.

Also, remember to remember.  Everyone has a reason that they want to reach and maintain a healthy weight.  Reminding yourself of your own before you reach for high calorie snacks will help keep you from over-indulging.

What To Do If You Do Gain The Weight Back

If the HCG diet worked for you but you still gained back the weight despite your best efforts, the good news is that it can work again.  A second round of HCG can be just as effective as the first, and help to reinforce your body’s chemical changes that help burn fat.  Just remember that you should wait a few months before re-entering the HCG diet program after your first round is complete.

For more information on the HCG weight-loss diet program, contact Scottsdale Health Center.