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Workouts To Lose Love Handles

Working the Whole Body vs. Targeting Love Handles

Understanding that you want to lose those love handles, keep in mind that love handles are just a small portion of your body and that you need to concentrate on a whole body workout.  It is a myth that you can turn muscle into fat.  You must lose the fat then work the muscles to tone them.  When toning those problematic love handles, here are just a few great exercises to get those muscles toned and lean:

  • Leg flutters
  • Twisting crunches
  • Side Plank
  • The bicycle

Build Underlying Muscle to Help Burn The Fat

Unfortunately there is no way to tell your body what areas of fat it should use first, therefore a great way to help you body focus on your mid-section is to build muscle around that area. Muscle gets hungry, so to speak, and will use that fat near it to fuel itself. So by building your underlying muscle around your mid-section, you can then help to burn the fat around that same area.

Make Sure You Throw In Some Cardio

The best types of workouts to lose weight quickly are cardio workouts. Getting your heart rate up and steady for an extended period of time will cause your body to burn fat quickly to help support and fuel your body.

If you’re still having trouble slimming down, try appetite suppressants to keep your diet in check. There are also a number of medical weight loss programs available that can help you lose weight quickly and effectively.

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